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For more than 125 years of achievements; the Egyptian Arab Land Bank was able to set inveterate banking traditions


On the15th of February 1880, khedewi Tawfeq issued a decision about establishing a joint-stock company under the name of “Egyptian Land Bank”. The major objective of the bank was to develop the Egyptian agricultural sector by providing loans to the owners of agricultural lands. 

The bank was able to overcome all the challenging situations that it faced without being effected, which earned the bank a good reputation. 

In March 1946 the league of Arab states issued a decision that include the establishment of the Arab Land Bank upon the request of the royal decree to establish a company to support the Palestinians and improve the agricultural products.


On the 13th of June 1999 upon the decision of the council of ministers, the Egyptian Land Bank and the Arab Land Bank were merged under the name “Egyptian Arab Land Bank”. And by this the most powerful bank in Egypt was founded. And it had the right to conduct all business activities in Palestine and Jordan.


And this Arab banking edifice is still going on serving the Arab economic through its 50 branches in Egypt, Jordan and Palestine, in addition to its correspondents in various parts of the world.


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