Fix deposit accounts

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Fix deposit accounts 

We are pleased to open for both individuals and legal entities upon presentation of an approved personal identification document for individuals, and the approved registration documents for companies, institutions and legal entities.

Terms and conditions for opening corporate accounts:

 This account may be opened in the name of one or more individuals with specification of the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (severally/jointly) in any currency (Dollars, Jordan Dinars, Israeli shekels and Euro).

 Fixed deposit accounts carry a certain interest the percentage of which shall be set at the time of deposit and upon each renewal.

Flexibility in the fixed deposit durations, which range from one month, three months six months, up to one year.

The possibility of crediting the incurred interest on this account on monthly basis either to current or saving account regardless the fixed deposit duration.

The balance of the account must be higher than the minimum set for this account; otherwise the interest shall not be computed.

Neither cheque books are given, nor effecting transfers from this type of accounts can be requested through using the banks' provided services.  

On maturity, the account is automatically renewed for an identical period and at the interest rate prevailing thereupon, unless otherwise instructed two working days prior to maturity date by written requests from the account holder.

Neither withdrawals nor transfer from this account might be made unless at maturity date; and written instructions should be received   two working days prior to maturity date by the account holder.

 Required Documents

Valid Identification Document 

The age for the account holder should be above 18 years old.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We guarantee the safe keeping of your valuables by storing them in safe deposit boxes ensuring your privacy, confidentiality and security.  It is accessible without prior arrangement and during the working hours through the day.

Available in several sizes matching your needs.

No one else can open the safe box but you, this is insured through the key is composed of two halves; one remains with bank the other with customer.


This safe deposit box cannot be open unless the two halves are together and at the same time.

The Requirements’

Maintain an account number at the bank.




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