Saving Accounts

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Saving Accounts

We have the pleasure to open a saving account for individual upon presentation of an approved identification document.

  1. It may be opened in the name of one or more individuals with specification of the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (severally/jointly/sole).
  2. This is a personal account from which withdrawals are to be made either personally by account holder(s) at the counter of the branch/other branches, or through the ATM cards.
  3. It carries a credit interest on the condition that the balance of the account remains above the minimum set for bearing such an interest.
  4. Account holders are granted to make use of all kinds of the provided services by the bank as per the specific conditions of each service.
  5. No check books are given for this type of account and neither check withdrawals nor deposits can be made on it.
  6. no charges are deducted at this type of accounts nor monthly interests.
  7. Possibility of opening saving accounts for minors / kids.

Required Documents

Valid Identification Document 

Birth Certificate or Identification Document for Minors


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