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It is our pleasure to open current account for individual and corporate ( legal entity ): companies, organizations and association whether they are profitable or non-profitable, upon presentation of an approved personal identification document , and an approved registration documents for companies, institutions and legal entities.


  1. The current can be opened in the name of one Individual  or jointly in the name of two or more individuals with specifying the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (sole /severally/jointly). This account can be opened in any currency.
  2. Terms and conditions for opening an account are subjected to type of the account
  3. KYC (know your customer) policy is applied.  Type of activities for customer and purpose of the opening the account will be investigated.
  4. A Cheque Book will be given for this type of accounts; merely for those whose classification, at the PMA scoring for the returned checque, are between C-D.
  5. Customers may open more than one sub-account and in different currencies.
  6. Commercial cheques will be given to legal entities.
  7. The current account is a non-interest bearing account.
  8. E-banking and SMS services are available
  9. Direct Debit Services for settling bills for a landline and mobile phone.
  10. Account holders are granted to make use of all kinds of the provided services by the bank as per their set conditions for each service: issuing local/international transfers, and/ or the possibility of buying and selling currencies.
  11. All types of Withdrawals and deposits for Cash and cheques   can be made at either at the counters of our  branches or at the ATM machines

 Conditions and documents for opening personal accounts:

  1. The age should be above 18 years old.
  2. Valid Identification Document 
  3. Birth Certificate or Identification Document for Minors
  4. A letter from the employer, who are entitled for transferring the salary (whether it is governmental sector of private one).

 Conditions and required documents for opening corporate accounts:

  1. An approval letter duly signed from head of board of the company to open an account specifying the authorized signatories and signatory powers.
  2. Sample for Letterhead of the company (the name of the company and its address are evident) and the official stamp.
  3. A copy of commercial registration.
  4. A valid certificate from controllers of companies showing the authorize signatories and terms for maintaining an account.    .
  5. A copy of Article of association.
  6. A copy of memorandum of association
  7. A written undertaking letter duly signed from head of board to advise the bank whence there is any alteration on the authorized signatories' powers on behalf of the account.
  8. Valid Identification Documents for the authorized signatories.

 Conditions and required documents for opening accounts for societies/ associations:

  1. A letter from the society naming the authorized signatories.
  2. A letter from Palestine Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Labor (as per competent authority) to name the authorized signatories.
  3. A certificate of registration issued by Ministry of Interior / Ministry of Labor.
  1. Valid Identification Documents for the authorized signatories

 Other Non-governmental organizations :

  1.  A request for the organization for opening an account.
  2. A certificate from the competent authority to practice a profession or its license
  3. The applicable conditions and terms for these accounts are subjected to its type of the association: club, ministry, …etc).


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